Sunday, March 5, 2017

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Allow us to guide you to make the smart choice…

Here are 6 simple steps to help you fulfill your dream of owning your brand new home.

1. Assess

Assess yourself if you really want to invest on a new home. You have to ask yourself the following questions:
a. Will I buy a new home for my family or is it for future investment?
b. Where will I get the funds? Do I have extra savings from my income or will I just keep my life simple and manage my expenses?
If your answer to both questions are YES, then you are ready to explore and go house hunting.

2. Explore

Research and explore possible locations that you prefer to live or have that investment – its either your hometown, near your workplace or simply a location that appeals to you. You can go and attend open houses or buyer’s day to better assess the property, its features and amenities. Look for home designs that you like with prices and terms you feel most comfortable. Also consider the property’s accessibility and its proximity to schools, commercial areas for shopping and recreational activities.

3. Contact

Contact a licensed real estate broker or accredited real estate sales person to evaluate what you want for your home. Allow him to present possible options and take time to visit the project site to see the model units if applicable.

4. Ask

Ask all questions you have in mind and be aware of the actual turn-over of the unit. Get price computations, available financing schemes and other relevant details on how you can avail your new home.

5. Decide

Decide practically on what you are looking for – a good place, your dream home, the best choice for your family and a sound investment that you simply can afford.

6. Prepare

Prepare the documentary requirements to facilitate your interest of owning a brand new home. Initially you’ll need the basic documents i.e. any government identification card and any proof of income to reserve the property.